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Rabun County Recreation Programs

KARATE CLASSES: Call Michael Urpschot at 706-490-1112 for more information.

LITTLE LEAGUE: If you have questions about Little League, please call Tiffani Cavender at 706-982-2342 or go to www.rabuncountylittleleague.org

SENIOR SOFTBALL LEAGUE: If you are a slow pitch softball player who will be at least 58 years old anytime this year (2020) and able to play during the day, please consider joining the Rabun County Senior Softball Team. There is no upper age limit! The Rabun County Senior Softball Team plays against teams from several nearby cities. Games are played on Wednesday mornings from April through October. Playing in all games is not expected. If you are interested, please contact Adam Dixon of the Rabun County Recreation Department at 706-782-4600 for additional information or come by the softball fields any Wednesday in March from 2:00 to 4:00 to join in batting practice.